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Frequently Asked Questions

Why start a business in Spain?

Since the opening of Europe’s borders in 1993, any European national can create a company in the member state of their choice without having to reside there, and this, in compliance with national company law, in accordance with the 11th directive of the Council of Europe (89/666/EC).

In order to bring the Decree of May 30, 1984 (concerning the registration in France of commercial companies with their head offices abroad) into conformity with the Directives of the European Union, the 11th directive was transposed into French law by decree no. ° 92.521 of June 16, 1992 published in the official journal of June 17, 1992. In the same way, other European countries have transposed this directive into their national law.

How long does it take to finalize the purchase of a Spanish SL?

From the moment we have all your elements and documents, the creation time only depends on the possibility of our notary to give you an appointment to sign the papers relating to the creation of the company. In general, we can get an appointment within 48 hours, or even less in some cases.

Do I have to travel to create my company?

The presence of the administrator is essential, however, in the event that you have shareholders, the transfer of shares can be done remotely.

When will the company be operational?

The company is ready to invoice from the day of signing at the notary.

What are your payment terms?

To reserve your company, we first ask you to pay €500 as a deposit by transfer. You will pay the balance on the day of signing on site either in cash or by credit card.

What banking regulations?

A European directive regulates transfers from one country to another. For transfers with a value of less than €50,000, the time limit for funds to be made available is a maximum of 6 days, double withdrawals are prohibited and unsuccessful payments are refunded with interest. In addition, customers must be informed of deadlines, exact fees and possible appeals. Also, specific regulations apply to cross-border transactions to make them similar to transactions carried out within the same country (withdrawals from ATMs, transfers, bank card transactions).

Money transfers to a European personal account are free below €7,600 per transaction. Beyond this sum, whether it concerns money, securities or securities, declaration is mandatory to customs services (anti-money laundering laws).

Can I create a company that is prohibited from management or banking in France?

There is no prohibition on the creation of a company for people prohibited from management or prohibited from banking elsewhere.

What are the charges of an S.L.

Our Services

Creation of society

The formula we offer allows you to create a Spanish limited liability company within 24 hours, operational the same day without capital deposit, with bank accounts, and without residency requirements.

Bank account

For many years we have worked with all the largest Spanish banks, we will help you find the one that best suits your needs and your activity and can advise you on the future of your business and its needs.


La domiciliation de votre société constitue un choix important sur l'image et la crédibilité de votre entreprise. Notre cabinet pourra domicilier votre société dans notre business center dans le centre des affaires de Barcelone.


We offer you an integrated accounting service which can process all the data throughout the year so that your company remains in compliance with the tax and social administration. We put our partners, lawyers, notaries, insurers, translators, etc. at your disposal.

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